Training of security staff, courses of firearm for self-defence

Training of security staff, courses of firearm for self-defence


We perform warranty and post-warranty maintenance.
Maintenance of protection systems include:

  • Failure prevention, regular maintenance;
  • Inspection of systems and status assessment;
Entitlement of the certificate

A professional qualification of a security guard and a right to work with a B, C category firearm is being acquired. Moreover, a right to acquire a B, C category firearm for self-defence.

The courses provide an opportunity to acquire a B, C category firearm for self-defence.
Required education Not lower than basic education (unfinished basic education up to 1997)
Minimum age 18 years
Required documents 1. Personal identity card / passport,
2. Educational document, 
3. Certificate of medical examination (049/a form).
Content of the programme

One is introduced to the functions of working as a security guard, specifics of work, variety of firearms, legal opportunities and rules of using firearms and special facilities, technical opportunities of protecting objects and operation of technical facilities, psychological preparation and medical knowledge about providing first aid are being acquired. Participants of the programme are introduced to practice of personal and property safety, physical violence, use of special facilities, personal arrest and delivery to a police institution, and safe behaviour while using a firearm is being taught. The practice of firing a variety of combat firearms is being performed.

During the programme course one is introduced to guns, their variety and rules of usage, laws that regulate the turnover of guns and ammunition, rules of safe behaviour with them and other laws and normative acts pertaining to the conditions of legality of carrying, using a gun.


Duration of the programme 52 acad. h.  40 acad. h. 

Resolution of failures;
Consulting of clients on site or remotely (by telephone, e-mail, etc.).

Consulting and assessment of risk

We consult concerning housing, property, personal, and other issues.

According to the data provided by the client, our specialists will assess possible risks and provide the best complex protection solution.

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